Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How is my money protected?

A- With us the money you invest is put into an escrow account with a state licensed escrow agent, where it is insured and bonded with one of the two largest title insurance companies located in the United States. This is set up by you through an escrow agent with an escrow agreement. This is similar to (see note below).

Note- When you are looking to purchase a home and you decide on the one you want, you then have a real estate agreement drawn up with contingencies for your protection. Once the agreement is agreed upon you then have to give a deposit on the home to hold it. That deposit should go into an escrow account set up by a state licensed escrow agent and escrow company; along with your real estate agreement. Once this is done your funds are now insured and bonded for your protection and the real estate agreement dictates the outcome of your deposit. There are many acting escrow companies in the United States however they should be backed up by one of the four title insurance companies located in the United States.

Q- How is your company able to pay me a profit?

A- We invest by purchasing real estate, such as single family homes priced way below value. These homes are mortgage and lean free. After all the repairs are made we then sell some of the homes for a profit while others are kept for our lease to own or our owner held mortgage programs. These profits are then shared with the investor such as yourself. The Joint Venture Agreement made between you and The Century 22 Investment Group dictates your share of the profits. The Escrow Company and Escrow Agent handling the closing will distribute your profits from the closing to you or to where you direct them to do so.

Remember- The Escrow Agreement and the Joint Venture Agreement are similar in the manner of what your money invested is to be used for and how you are to be paid on your investment.

Q- What is the worst case scenario?

A- The worst case scenario is the world could end tomorrow or next week; who knows we have no control over this. However we do have control over our financial future and how we want to live our life. With that being said, the scenario we believe is people like you and our company will own real estate paid in full, free and clear or mortgage free. However you want to phrase it, it does not matter because it could never be taken away. The real estate will be collecting a monthly income no matter how the economy fluctuates. People like you will continue to make a profit. This profit will always be better than any interest rate a bank could offer and your investment will always be secured.

Remember- People in the United States lost a lot of money over the last few years dealing with investments and banks. What was the worst case scenario with that? Answer- Some of the banks closed and the people lost some or all of their money. With our company we have the real estate paid in full. We are offering collateral in the form of real estate. We can collect rent payments, lease payments, mortgage payments and even sell them all if we have to. We offer something solid and concrete to protect our clients, such as you.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact a company representative at any time.

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