Our Vision:

"Bringing the Home Buyer and the Investor together"

We the entities of The Century 22 Investment Group have been involved in real estate investing here in South West Florida since the mid 1980's and have seen many ups and downs. In spite of all the negative hype about investing into real estate, we believe now is the right time to invest. We have the opportunity to purchase brand new or like new single family homes at rock bottom prices. Our company has the opportunity to purchase these homes for far less then what it would cost us to build them today. After these homes are purchased they are fixed up and cleaned and ready to be sold to the awaiting Buyer.

Unfortunately, due to bad banking practices the banking industry is now having trouble lending money out in todayís economy. The banks had to change their lending guidelines. These new guide lines stop the banks from lending to many people who are innocent and never owned a home before. These people are the families I will mention below in the next paragraph. The new banking regulations are stopping these people from ever becoming home owners for the first time and preventing some from ever owning a home again. With our companyís real estate and financial experience we were able to sit down and create a unique home ownership program which brings these families and the investors together, so that everyone involved comes out ahead.

Our Vision - For the Buyer
Our Company has created a unique home ownership program which would help put deserving families into the homes that we can purchase now. We offer an affordable purchase price along with a monthly payment plan to meet their budget. The families that we are talking about are hard working people that have job stability in todayís economy such as police officers, firemen, nurses, teachers, government and city employees. We have hard working and deserving families like these ready to take the opportunity of our lease to own or owner held mortgage program.

The Century 22 Investment Group believes that these people deserve a chance to purchase a home for their families at an affordable price and now is the perfect time through our programs. Their income will determine their payment plan and their payment plan will determine the home they will be able to afford to purchase. Wow! What a great idea. Letís put people into homes and loans that they can afford.

We believe our program is by far a better way to create responsible paying home owners. Our program will also help reduce the empty homes sitting in our neighborhoods and in return our home values will increase in all of our neighborhoods.

Our Vision - For the Investor
The entities of The Century 22 Investment Group have designed a program for investors. This program will be a sound investment, for today and years to come. We have designed a program that will give you the investor not only a generous return on your investment but also the security. The security that you should be given and deserve when you invest your hard earned money.
We do not understand why people invest their money without having security or a safety net built into a deal. Something you can see and put your hands on, real security if all else fails. We have seen recently the money investors have lost from investing into what some people call blue sky, we call it B.S. But whatever you call it the outcome is the same, a lot of money was lost. Many investors were promised a great return on their investment, but with no real security if it failed. People that were not even investors lost money. They were ordinary people just working hard and paying into their retirement funds so they could have a secure future, while others gambled their retirement years away on them. Then there were the ones who thought they were real estate investors, they were buying up real estate like crazy at inflated prices, with large amounts of money down to no money down and not realizing what the banking industry was doing to the marketplace.

The banking industry- Letís talk a little about how the banking industry started and how it worked for many years before they changed their business practice and their greed took over. We all know what this did to our economy. Well, two things we can learn from the banking industry are, one the borrower must have collateral and second is that the borrower must be able to afford the payments. The banks invested in people by giving out loans to them for homes, personal use or business etc. They would only give these loans if the borrower had the collateral. The collateral was the banks security or safety net. (Collateral is another word for security, collateral is security pledged for the repayment of a loan). If the borrower fails to pay the loan the bank would call the loan or note due, the bank would take the collateral and sell it so they can recoup their money. This makes pretty good sense to us.

The Century 22 Investment Group has studied many types of investment avenues and strategies over the years. We did this by talking to several different types of investors. We discussed with them the end results of their investments. They shared their opinions and feelings and discussed the pros and cons of investing in certain markets. By doing this we found out why some investors succeeded and why some failed. Many of the ones that succeeded did this by not going in over their head and by having collateral or security built into the deal; something tangible in the deal so they would not lose their money! Like the banks did in the past.
The investors that failed did so for many different reasons; but the one thing they did all have in common was they had no collateral or security in the deal.

Ask yourself; would you loan $1,000.00 to someone if they gave you collateral that you knew was worth $1,600.00, only until they paid you back in full plus interest? First ask yourself, can you afford to loan the money to them? Second, can they afford to pay you back? And third, can you easily recoup your $1,000.00 by selling the collateral, if for any unforeseen reason occurred which prevented the borrower from paying you back?

Well if you answered yes to all three questions, then you will like our program. The program that we designed for investors at The Century 22 Investment Group works the same way; we treat you the investor as the bank but we just offer you a better return with more security and safety. (See Investor Program)

Come join in our vision and together we can succeed into the future.

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