Making a Pledge to Restore Prosperity

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Jude G. Onzo. I am the owner and C.E.O of The Century 22 Investment Group. We are located in Cape Coral, Florida. I am speaking here on behalf of the people of Florida and also my company; we are both needing and seeking your help to create economic growth in our communities. We are asking individuals, business owners and corporations to partner with us in a campaign by making a pledge to “Restoring Prosperity back to Florida and its People.”

We want to breathe new life into the state and give prosperity back to the people of Florida. With the knowledge and financial strength of all parties involved, we would be able to start a real change in the economic recovery in the state of Florida, which is so desperately needed.

Please allow me a moment to explain who we are:

1. The Century 22 Investment Group is a private investment and lending company. We work with funds that are provided to us by investors; private individuals and corporations. With these funds we purchase and resell real estate for a profit which we share with the investors. With investor funds and our company funds we offer business loans, home loans and lease to own agreements to a select group of people.

2. We are able to derive to the generous profits we pay to our investors by sharing the profits we make from the combination of the real estate we purchase and resell, along with the interest and fees we charge on our loans and lease to own agreements. We pay our investors profit for the year, based on the use of their funds. We also share profits with them which are made from the sales derived from the use of their funds.

3. The investor’s money is deposited directly by the investor into an escrow account with the Escrow Company. All funds are insured and bonded in the escrow account with one of the two largest title insurance companies in the United States.

The financial pledge we are asking you to make will work in many different ways in revitalizing the economy in Florida, for instance the homes we purchase require some type of repair; these repairs in return create jobs for certain laborers. We also offer new construction; this speaks for itself on the jobs it can create in our communities. The business loans my company is offering, will help other individuals who are trying to create real jobs for others in our communities. Stimulating our communities with these jobs and purchasing homes to be resold along with offering home loans to qualified buyers, would also help to stop the decrease in the values of all our homes and businesses. We might not be able to fix all the economic problems in Florida but we believe our plan will stimulate growth and it will be the stepping stone for others to follow, in helping to put Florida and America back on track to prosperity.

Let me explain how your pledge would be secured:

There are two agreements; the first agreement is called the Joint Venture Agreement. This agreement is between the investor and The Century 22 Investment Group. This agreement explains what, where and how the funds of the investor are to be used and how their profits are to be paid. The second agreement is called the Escrow Agreement. This agreement is between the investor and the Escrow Company. This agreement is similar to the Joint Venture Agreement because it dictates what the funds are to be used for. It is a legal and binding escrow agreement between the investor and the Escrow Company. With the escrow agreement and once the funds are deposited and cleared in the escrow account the funds of the investor are then secured and protected. This escrow account is insured and bonded. The funds can only be distributed by the Escrow Agent. It is out lined in both agreements on how and to whom the Escrow Agent would be allowed to distribute the original funds and any funds or profits added to the escrow account.

How you can help in “Restoring Prosperity back to Florida and its People.”

We are asking all individuals, business owners and larger corporations to pledge an amount of money, which would be fully refundable. These funds would be placed by the investor, into their own individual escrow account. These funds would generate a 5% profit per year. These funds would go towards purchasing real estate. The real estate purchased will also be the collateral for the funds pledged. The real estate would then be resold for a profit. There would also be shared profits per year, which is generated from the real estate that is sold. These profits will continue to be used to purchase and sell real estate, along with producing loans and lease to own agreements. Along with this pledge, The Century 22 Investment Group will also be contributing funds and profits to the same revitalization of prosperity to Florida and its people. The Century 22 Investment Group has made a commitment and that commitment is to create successful economic growth in our communities, for years to come. We hope you and others will stand together with us and do the same.

The Media Coverage: The Century 22 Investment Group is planning to have local media such as local news stations, radio stations and news papers to cover this campaign in Florida. We also plan to have the larger television news outlets covering it nationwide, so that hopefully others will follow in our footsteps and start revitalizing America.

We know many people do wonderful fund raising events and make generous contributions now in the state of Florida, however the opportunity we are offering to any individual or company will help touch the lives of so many people and businesses here in Florida. The recognition and respect for you the individual or a business will be rewarding. If you are a business this recognition will increase and reflect in your sales and company profits. If you are a business, look at this as an advertisement expense. Realistically it is not an expense because the original funds invested are fully refundable to the investor, on the day agreed upon in the Joint Venture Agreement and the Escrow Agreement. You the investor can choose to have the original pledge refunded with or without profit or donate any portion of it, to a charity of choice. We look at this pledge as a gift that will keep on giving in our communities and to any charity of choice for years to come. This is all negotiable and up to the individual or company.

We even have a program that would fit the needs of all employees in any business or corporation. This program would generate a 5% profit per year on their pledge. These profits are for them to keep. This is based on the amount the employee can deposit monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual into an escrow account. The employees would also receive recognition for their pledge in “Restoring Prosperity back to Florida and its People” because their pledge would also generate shared profits which would go directly to the revitalization program of restoring prosperity back to Florida and its people. They can also choose to have any or all shared profits donated to a charity of choice.

We are speaking with many individuals, business owners and corporations based in and out of Florida. We are asking everyone to join forces with us; by putting our financial strengths and knowledge together, we can help in revitalizing the economy by giving prosperity back to the people. No one person, man or woman can achieve this alone. We must stand together as a community to make the changes.

We do not believe in sitting back and watching the economy of the United States deteriorate from within, especially here in our great state of Florida. We are not here to point fingers or to pass blame to anyone. We cannot wait anymore for something to change or for someone to change it; we need to stand together and make the change. We see the problem and we plan on curing it but we need your help to achieve this goal.

We hope you will share in our vision and we hope you will stand with us and make every effort in “Restoring Prosperity back to Florida and its People.”

I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this. Please contact me if you are interested in our company’s vision. It would be an honor to put together your individual or company proposal, so you can see what your financial pledge can do to “Restoring Prosperity back to Florida and its People.”

Jude G. Onzo C.E.O.        

"One man gives freely; yet gains
even more;
Another withholds unduly, but ends up

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