Free Marketing for a Pledge Program

The Century 22 Investment Group would like the opportunity to explain how we can market your company and you for free. Yes for free! All you need to do is simply make a money pledge which is fully refundable. This pledge will be placed by you into an escrow account with the Escrow Company, where you will receive your escrow agreement. The pledge will be insured and bonded in the escrow account with one of the two largest title insurance companies in the United States.

Your pledge will go to work immediately in our communities by creating jobs and correcting the housing market at the same time. The process is simple; the funds pledged will go towards purchasing real estate. Once the real estate is repaired and cleaned, it will then be resold for a profit. These profits will then go towards purchasing more real estate. The profits will also begin to go to work in our communities by creating business loans and home loans. The business loans will be for the right individuals who plan to create jobs in our communities and the home loans will be for the right individuals who have job stability and are able to afford the payments. Your money pledge will be spelled out in our joint venture agreement. This agreement and the escrow agreement will also explain how your funds are to be used.

You are probably wondering at this point, what this program can do for you and your company. Well it is simple; The Century 22 Investment Group has created a program called, Free Marketing for a Pledge and the pledge we are working on now is called “Restoring Prosperity back to Florida and its People”. This program allows you to make a money pledge, which will help to restore jobs and help to correct the housing market in our communities. In return for your pledge The Century 22 Investment Group will promote your company’s efforts for helping to restore prosperity in Florida. We will market your company along side of ours in every media outlet we use. These media outlets are local news papers, television news, radio, flyers and signs. We will also include your company on our web site under “People Pledging to Help”.

Our web site will also be linked to other web sites belonging to businesses located in and out of the state of Florida. Your company is also welcome to link its web site to ours and to any other participants on our web site, only with their approval.

As you can see the possibilities for marketing and advertising your company are endless. Your pledge will help to restore prosperity to Florida and in return The Century 22 Investment Group will promote you and your company endlessly. The program will give you and your company respect and recognition in the community and in return it should help to increase your sales and profits. Remember this marketing program is free.

We hope you share in our marketing program and make a pledge to “Restoring Prosperity back to Florida and its People”. Take the opportunity to set an appointment with us, so we can answer any questions you might have and to go over the agreements that we have put in place for your protection.

The Century 22 Investment Group and I would like to thank you for your time and to let you know that we appreciate all your efforts in helping our communities.

Jude G. Onzo C.E.O.        

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